Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WINTER WOES guessing game contest

It is cold here. And snowy. Being cooped up inside has left me longing to do something fun. Enter: the Winter Woes guessing game contest. Partially because I have excess inventory, partly because I enjoy viewing videos from when things were a bit more...warm. Over $300 in prizes will be awarded, view them here.

For this contest, you need to guess what MiniMe is saying in each video. The videos range from easy to very difficult. Under each video, the amount of entries you receive for each correct answer is noted. Please send your guesses for each of the five videos to info@minimebabygear.com and I will tally up the amount of entries you receive (and yes, MiniMe does wear clothes in the winter!)

1: What is MiniMe saying as he gets out of the water?
Difficulty: Easy
Entries earned for correct guess: 1

2: What is MiniMe saying in this video?
Difficulty: Easy
Entries earned for corrrect guess: 1

3: What video is MiniMe watching that is so funny?
Difficulty: Extremely hard
Entries earned for correct guess: 4

4: What movie is MiniMe reciting in this video?
Difficulty: Hard, if you have not seen the movie
Entries earned for correct guess: 3

5: What does the mama say to Sylvester in the Tweety Bird movie (sorry for the sideways video)? A special thanks to Grandma for the excellent cupcakes all over MiniMe's mouth
Entries Earned: 2

Final Question: Do you prefer the boy or the girl set(s)?

Did you enjoy this contest? Please share it with your friends! Link to this banner on your website or blog and you will receive five more entries. Please send link URL when entering. Thanks for playing!

Details, Details:
Contest open to anyone 18 years of age or older within the 50 United States. Sorry, no international players unless you want to pay shipping. Contest is for fun only, so rules/prizes can change at any time. Special thanks to AllyZabba for the great idea.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

99 Balloons

In case you have not seen it, there is a wonderful video that I came across on another blog:

See it here

Have a kleenex box ready for this inspiring video of parents dealing gracefully with a journey none of us wish to face. Read his full story here (start at the beginning, under 2006 posts). You will be forever touched.