Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Name Me and Win

I have high hopes, blogger nation.

High hopes that you are more imaginative than I.

The above blankets are all set to be sold, but I do not have a name for this line.

Can you help me?

Here's the deal: Come up with a name for my new blanket line. Winner, chosen by me, gets their choice of one of these new minkee blankets.

Any takers?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Leave it.


Has it really been almost two weeks since my last post?

Between the start of school and my youngest brother getting engaged, my poor blog has been neglected. Throw in a few temper tantrums and a house laden with cars of all shapes and sizes, and you survey most of my life:-)

Where were we?

Oh, yes- The Packin Smart.

I love this product, but honestly there is another one I love even more that accomplishes the same goal. It is the Snack Happened. What I adore is the ease of trasportation due to the soft fabric. They are small enough to fit easily inside any purse or diaper bag, and can fold up when they are not in use.

The Snack Happened is the one and only FDA approved snack bag on the market. Adorable exterior prints makes it easy to forget the most important thing- you are reusing! Every time you fill the Snack Happened up with goodies, you are saving landfills from another plastic baggie.

The size is perfect for goldfish, storing sandwiches; at only $9.95 each, I think these are the very best way to take along snacks.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love it or Leave It?

I would love your thoughts on this product:
The Innovative Baby Packin Smart. I have had my eye on it for a while.

Here is how it is used for a child-

I think the concept of being able to store multiple snacks, yet keep it all organized, is very appealing. The price is right around $19.95. I am not sure I would use it after baby-hood, but it certainly has the capacity for long life in the kitchen afterwards. What do you think?

Love it or Leave it?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It must be fall.

You see, the biggest Children's Show is in LasVegas (next week) and designers tend to save a lot of their new products for debut at this show.

Amazing products are coming into my inbox daily. I am in awe of the beautiful children's products that people are coming up with.

One such line is Jemos Footwear. Other than the obvious, the adorable look of this shoe, I love that this company is eco-conscious. They use soft, flexible remnants of leather that would normally be discarded. Each flat-soled shoe comes in an recycled box, and what you cannot see online is just how adorable even the box is. It has a magnetic closure and sturdy frame for storage once your child is finished wearing them. Each pair also comes with a finger puppet giraffe.

This company has really thought of everything. Adorable, quality leather shoes that are comfortable for your kids, a great price ($28 each), and beautiful packaging. As a mom of boys, I love that the boy shoes that are as cute as the girl ones! Sizes are 12-18 months and 24 months plus.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My new favorite baby gift

Having so many baby products at my disposal, I have quite a few favorites. This line from Baby Sweet Treats has headed straight to the top.

I love the adorable packaging, the vibrant colors, and that they are actual designer duds. So often I see things packaged beautifully, but the actual product is generic and boring.

Diaper Cupcakes

Not to mention the price. With items priced between $9.95 and $34.95 (with most around the $15 range), I love this option for a new baby gift. I am really loving the set of four Diaper Gift boxes.

Everything is adorably packaged, and would make a great baby gift or gift topper.

Lollipop Blankets

One Note: Stock does change frequently.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Having fun in back soon.

Have a great holiday weekend!