Friday, August 31, 2007

Pay it Forward

Have you seen this movie? I actually have not, although I am familiar with the premise. A 12-year-old boy believes in the goodness of human nature and was determined to change the world for the better. He encouraged people to do a random act of kindness to a stranger, they then pass the kindness on to three other people, thus "paying it forward".

I was born into a family with the Pay it Forward concept on the heart. My grandfather would routinely volunteer at the local shelter, get groceries for a local shut-in, let a stranger borrow his new car. He was not only blessed financially because of it, it also led to a generosity of spirit for all those around him. It made all around want to be a better human being. Better Christian.
Last night, I came across an old Oprah show. Bank of America gave each audience member $1,000 and one week to Pay it Forward and change someones life for the better. The hour long show was full of inspirational stories, but here are my favorites:
  • 2 women that saved a local woman's shelter by bringing in hundreds of donations. Bottles, blankets, sippy cups. clothes, children's toys were all donated. Their kindness was infectious, leading to $200,000 being donated to the center through various local business and families in the community.
  • A first grade teacher that is instructing a 68-year-old man how to read along with her first graders. He walks seven blocks each day to the library in order to get a chance to fine tune his reading skills. With her $1,000, they gave him a large quantity of books that he can keep at his home to read at will.
  • A mother of five young children who rode the bus 2 hours each way to work because she did not have money for a car. Four of the people in the audience came together and bought one for her, limiting her drive to 15 minutes each way.

The inspiring stories continued, and as the show went on, the inspiration bubbled in me, "What can I do?" I definitely do not have $1,000 to give away, but what can I do with $10? $100? My time?

I have not come up with an answer yet, but I want you to keep me accountable in doing so. How can I, one person, make a difference?

One thought I have had on my heart is helping people that struggle with infertility. My husband and I consider ourselves lucky. Within a couple of months, the doctors figured out what was preventing us from conceiving and we are currently expecting our second child. However, I know of countless others...struggling each month to conceive-- an emotional and financial struggle. Only if you have been there month after month when the hopelessness sets in do you fully understand how difficult it is. For many, the months end with thousands of dollars in debt and few options left because of financial hardships.

So, I challenge you- what will you do? What are your ideas? Will it be giving gift cards to a homeless person for lunch, volunteering your time, paying for someone's gas? What can we do to be better stewards of our money, and show our thankfulness for what we have? I would love to hear your ideas....

Monday, August 27, 2007

Need I say more?

Just arrived! Seasonal products- fabulous marabou hats for Christmas, adorable booties handpainted with GLOW IN THE DARK ghosts, pumpkin sequined hats--too cute for words.
Click here now to check out all the fabulous new products for this holiday season.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coming Soon!

Baby Bedding, Crib Linens, The Snack Trap, and Moses baskets. I can hardly wait to add them! Just a peek:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Business Ramblings...

I have to admit that one of the best parts of my business is meeting other women. I love getting e-mails with pictures of your grandchildren or kid's wearing something purchased at MiniMe BabyGear. Some precious new life curled up with a Baby Birdie blanket or a proud Big Brother sporting a new Brothers Rock shirt. My new favorite was an e-mail I received this past week from a grandma that just found out her children were expecting a boy and she just could not wait to share. Being in the baby business sure is fun.

Along with that comes the pleasure of meeting other mompreneurs with awesome products. I added a bunch of new products this past weekend from moms in the Grand Rapids area, and I have a feeling that more great products are to come! As the holidays roll around, so do the craft fairs! Grand Rapids is known for having lots of crafters so I cannot wait to see all the beautiful new baby products out there waiting to be introduced to the cyberworld.
A few favorites:
The riding pony- I love this product. It brings me back to galloping outside, chasing down the bad guys that needed lasso-ing. Handmade from mane to tail, this is one of those great products that will actually let your child get exercise and encourage their imagination while playing with it. So many fun options to choose from including my favorite-an Appaloosa pony, $23.95.

Rhinestone onesies with adorable sayings such as "Sassy", "Miss December" (or any month you choose), "Future Supermodel", "Drama Queen". Sold for $22.95, also available in a t-shirt.

Messenger bag- This bag is great for storing little treasures, drink boxes, or toting items off to school. The shape of the bag is gorgeous, and as with anything handmade- the quality is unbelievable. It measures approximately 12" high and the base is 3.5" x 10". The handles are adjustable from 23" to 40. Features a solid fabric with an accent fabric down the middle. The back side of the bag and the interior are the same solid fabric. The interior of the bag has two pockets, key fob, and secured with a magentic snap. Buy it now for $39.95, three styles to choose from.

I am also working on finding an adequate loop for the Wet Happened? Designer wet bag. I am testing a few things out, but plan on adding it to the new design as I have had a lot of requests for it. Thanks to all of you who make my job so much fun!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Introducing....Teething Bling!

I must admit, when my son was little I NEVER wore jewelry. Not only was he fascinated with pulling (okay, yanking) my necklace off, he always put it in his mouth and I was afraid he would choke if my pendant accidentally broke off.

Enter: Teething Bling by Smart Mom. The company name says it perfectly. This was definitely made by a smart mom. Not only are they beautiful, they are also functional. Babies can suck and chew to their hearts content with these stylish pendants. Best of all, they are made from the same materials that a lot of teethers are, so it will sooth their gums as they chew.

These necklaces are non- toxic, 100% lead free, and come with a breakaway clasp to ensure safety. Sold at Smart Mom Jewelry for $18.90 in eight colors and two shapes (donut and heart), the matching bangle sells for only $12.60 more. The perfect way to keep your baby entertained while on your lap.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A little happy news...

Well, as you can tell from my new profile picture, we are expecting a new little one!! While we are so thrilled, as it was a long journey for us to conceive, it has surely put a damper on my work! I normally work from 9pm- around 3 or 4 am, and it has worked for me for a very long time to keep those hours. However, I do not get morning sickness, I get night sickness! Around 10pm, I am feeling positively green, leading me to throw in the towel much earlier than I would like.

So, I am muddling through and trying to complete everything. Thanks to all who have given me a little slack over the past week or so. I appreciate your patience during this exciting time!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back from Vacation...

Vacation was so incredibly nice. I thought I was ready to come back to work full force, until I got back and saw the amount of work I have to do! Coupled with the wet bag purchase button not working, it has been a few days of madness around here.

I am trying to process and handmake orders as quickly as possible. Thanks to all of you who waited two long weeks while I played in the sun and sand with my family. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from vacation:

Playing in the fountain at University of Redlands

In the pool with Dad
I am updating my website tonight with a few new fabrics, and a couple of fantastic new products. Coming soon...a messager bag (just in time for school), the Parking Pal Magnet, and the Pacifier Place. I will review them later this week.
Also, please note that I have been having some problems with my shopping cart. It is not allowing wet bags to be added to the cart. If you would like to purchase one immediately, please use my old site:
and you will still be able to purchase them directly. I am sorry- I have someone looking into it right now! Thank you for your patience!