Thursday, October 11, 2007

It doesn't happen often...

I tackled the biggest job of them all today- cleaning the house. You know how it is. Things start to pile up on the counters, in the bathroom, toys left on the stairs, here and there and itself each area is not that cluttered, until you take the total of all messes.

*Side note-A very bad habit I have is writing important things- phone numbers, important businessc contacts, customers I need to contact- on small pieces of paper. I counted tonight- 38 papers. I need a new system!

Have you ever noticed just how happy you feel when everything is in it's place? Fortunately for my son, and unfortunately for me, his birthday is about a week away so more toys will be arriving to our house soon.

Augh well, it is clean for now. No telling how long it will last. I am even going to be before 12. A pretty good feat, if you ask me.


freshmitzvah said...
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malky said...

for notes I use a 4x6 60 page notebook from CVS or rite aid (drugstore). it turns into sort of a diary.