Monday, September 1, 2008

ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas

I have been asked quite frequently lately if I will be attending the Las Vegas Kids show. Unfortunately, I am not going, but there is a huge part of me that wishes I was. To debut this year would be great to coincide with the Target launch, and keep building the brand. However, a few things guided my decision to sit this one out.

I would consider myself pretty driven, and this business is my third baby, so it is hard to decide to NOT do something that would really grow my business. However, as I often have to remind myself, I started this to be a part of my kid's life. My 3-year-old is starting preschool this year, and I really felt that missing out on that would be something I might not soon forgive myself. God has blessed my business so much thus far, and He will continue to, if that is His plan for my life. Missing out on the first days of school just did not seem right!

I also have an almost five-month-old. Breastfeeding has always been important, and I was a bit worried about the logistic of being at a trade show with one so attached!

So, as most of my friends and colleagues head off to Las Vegas, know I am with you in spirit! Hopefully 2009 will work out better for me to attend.


Lara said...

you and year at ABC. How does that sound? unless one of us is pregnant again... ;)

MiniMe Mom said...

Let's do it! Lets' try to get Angie and Jen to go, too :-)

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