Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I am so Lucky


I use the word all the time.

I feel lucky that I am in Target.
I feel lucky I get to stay home with my kids.
I feel lucky that I have such great customers, friends in the business, etc.

Almost every time I talk to another entrepreneur about Target, they say how lucky it was that I got the phone call. I just want to be perfectly clear.

I am a Christian, so I really feel luck has nothing to do with it. God has blessed me, and His plan was far greater than the one I could have dreamed for myself. I remember in the beginning, every night I would pray that God would bless my business and turn it into something that would allow me to stay home with my kids.

My prayers have been answered.

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Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Hi! I just found you through the Startupprincess blog. I've been reading your story and I have to say that you're a great inspiration to me! I'm a Christian SAHM and artist. I'm slowly working my way forward towards using my artwork to help support my family. I know God has a plan for me but I sometimes tend to worry about what path to take, how it will all work out, the steps I need to take, etc. Your story encouraged me because you followed your heart and stepped forward in courage and God has used you to do great things. How awesome is that?!
Thanks for inspiring other Moms out there by sharing your story.