Saturday, March 7, 2009

What is different about MiniMe BabyGear?

~Business-I believe all customers are a gift. I never take your business for granted; each purchase is a chance for me to win you over as a life-time customer.

In return, I hope you tell your family and friends about MiniMe BabyGear. It is an honor to me to be recommended.

~Customer Service- when you call MiniMe BabyGear, you are dialing me direct. I know about every product on my site, and am here to help in whatever way possible. Although I have people that help me out with the other aspects of the business (shipping, website maintenance, etc.), I firmly believe having great customer service is a rare thing.

~Product Innovation- Each of the items listed on my site is something I adore. I get e-mails almost every day from vendors that would like their products listed at MiniMe BabyGear. Only the best and most innovative make the cut.

~Quality-Likewise, each product is high quality. Many are made by fellow stay at home moms. When it comes right down to it, moms are usually the ones that come up with something great that saves time or that babies adore. I guess all those formative years covered in drool are worth something, right?

~Free Gift Wrapping and Card Service- whether it is a gift to yourself or someone else, I love making life a bit easier. Moms are busy enough, sending a gift (packing slip/invoice is always excluded) direct to the recipient is one less step.

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I luv the new blog update!