Thursday, November 5, 2009


Have you ever started a project, thinking it would go one way, and then it completely changed course? That is how I have felt about The Cuter Cloth Designer Diapers.

My partner, Katie, and I knew we wanted something classic and chic looking. We wanted it to be really easy to use and highly functional. We needed it to be durable since we have active kids, and wanted it to grow with our children and be able to fit a broad range of body types. Interesting enough, we both initially loved pocket diapers.

That is, until we purchased and used almost every cloth diaper on the market.

What we found is that neither of us really loved fishing a pee-filled insert out of a pocket diaper. Same thing with all-in-one diapers. We loved the convenience of not having to stuff pockets, but hated how long they took to dry. Sample after sample we produced; and nothing was perfect. We spent hours pouring over diapers looking at the various elements and trying to figure out what we could do to improve them.

I am really excited about what we came up with, and I know you will be too.

The insert is made of 4 layers of antibacterial hemp, topped with 2 layers of soft cotton velour to wick moisture away from skin. The velour and hemp are only attached at the ends, so it will dry quicker than one solid insert, while still giving the protection and absorbency. The entire insert snaps right into the pretty shell, so that all you need to do when it is time to wash them is unsnap and throw together in the wash.

Aren't they pretty?

We love how they turned out and excited to hear what you think.

Please note: we only are running small quantities at first, so if you do not get the diaper this first round, please get on the newsletter list. We will notify of future stockings and any specials we are running. There are only 6 left from this batch, so please hurry if you are interested.


chelle said...

best wishes for many satisfied customers!

(also, I tried the link, but it didn't lead me to Etsy. Thought you might want to look into it)

MiniMe Mom said...

Thank you Chelle! I just fixed it:-)

Amy said...

They look so cute!! Too bad I'm already cloth diapering (FuzziBunz one-size), or I'd try them. Did you think of using snaps for closure instead of velcro - so that they wouldn't stick together when washing?