Saturday, December 5, 2009

Great Gifts, Part 2: Paci Envy Personalized Paci Clip

Personalized and yet affordable.

Funny how those two rarely go together.

This is one of my favorite gifts to give, because of the personalization and multiple pattterns to choose from. It is also something they will actually use. Very important.

I can remember day after day picking up my son's pacifiers off the floor. With my first son, I always ran to the sink to wash it off before placing it back in his mouth.

With Number Two....not so much. I still wiped it down, but it depended on where we were if it got the full cleaning job.


Both of my kids had a severe attachment to their pacifiers which made this very handy.

This picture is taken when we went to the beach about a year ago. If there ever was a time for a pacifier clip, that was it. I love sand, but it is terrible to clean out of pacifiers.
The personalized name ring attaches with a snap, so sometimes we used it and sometimes we didn't. Best of all, we bought a couple of non-personalized ribbon clips and could switch the name to those ribbons as well.
At $10, this makes a great baby gift or Christmas present. 35 styles to choose from.

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