Friday, March 27, 2009


I was inspired by the cupcakes gift boxes I received (more on these later), so I thought I would make a little cupcake minkee lovey. The proportions are off and a few things need tweaking, but I really love the whimsy of it:-)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A little funny, a lot practical...

I have two friends that have three girls each. I have worked the nursery with them in the past, and I am always amazed at just how long they take to change the boy diapers. They are tempting fate, in my opinion.

Four times Bryce has squirted me; thankfully it has been at home with a change of clothes handy.

That is why I think these pee catchers are such a funny, yet practical gift. Just place them over top, and save the mess for the diaper.

If either of them have a boy in the future, I just might pass these their way. A set of three retails for $8.99, and I can't think of a more hilarious gift!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Legs on arms?

Yes, those are baby legs on his arms. Speaking of baby legs, there will be a whole slew of them loaded onto the site on Wednesday.

Onesie shown is the fantastic applique onesies, with the hooted owl on the front.

My younger brother, 26, thought the caption should be "I Love Hooters" :-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Closed Friday

Just one quick note: MiniMe BabyGear will be closed this Friday, March 13 for a much needed respite with my family. Please feel free to shop as normal; I just will not be available to answer any questions during that time.

All orders placed will be processed on Monday. Thanks again!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What is different about MiniMe BabyGear?

~Business-I believe all customers are a gift. I never take your business for granted; each purchase is a chance for me to win you over as a life-time customer.

In return, I hope you tell your family and friends about MiniMe BabyGear. It is an honor to me to be recommended.

~Customer Service- when you call MiniMe BabyGear, you are dialing me direct. I know about every product on my site, and am here to help in whatever way possible. Although I have people that help me out with the other aspects of the business (shipping, website maintenance, etc.), I firmly believe having great customer service is a rare thing.

~Product Innovation- Each of the items listed on my site is something I adore. I get e-mails almost every day from vendors that would like their products listed at MiniMe BabyGear. Only the best and most innovative make the cut.

~Quality-Likewise, each product is high quality. Many are made by fellow stay at home moms. When it comes right down to it, moms are usually the ones that come up with something great that saves time or that babies adore. I guess all those formative years covered in drool are worth something, right?

~Free Gift Wrapping and Card Service- whether it is a gift to yourself or someone else, I love making life a bit easier. Moms are busy enough, sending a gift (packing slip/invoice is always excluded) direct to the recipient is one less step.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Something cute for boys. This construction plate pairs perfectly with the set I mentioned before:

Silverware set, $17.95
Plate $14.95

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ribbies Clippies

With two boys, I cannot say I have much first hand experience with hair clips. Although my second child has a lot of hair, I just have no use for them.

I first came across Ribbies Clippies when I was 16 weeks pregnant, and I honestly was hoping for a girl just so I would be able to use these clips. They are beautifully crafted, yet simple enough to see the most important thing- your child's face. They have a grip on the inside for even the finest hair, and come in the cutest styles to match any outfit.

They sell for $6 per set, with over 150 styles to choose from.

Also made by Ribbies are the fantastically cute gift sets, and beautiful clippies holders.