Monday, June 7, 2010

Going from a V to a B

My maiden name was Vander Ploeg. Growing up, there were two things I hated about it.

I was always last for everything. Most school related activities are sorted out in alphabetical order, and there was only one person after me. She got the unfortunate W name. School pictures were the worst. By the time my turn rolled around, my hair was a hot mess from waiting so long.

The spelling of Ploeg. NO ONE ever guessed it right. After countless times spelling it out for take out ("nope, that is P-L-O-E-G, not P-L-U-G-E"), I officially changed my "take-out name" to Post. It saved me hours of spelling my name over the phone. Countless, as I ordered out a lot in college:-)

As I got older, I came to really appreciate the name. Specifically when my grandfather passed away. I felt great pride in being one of his. Similarly, with my own parents. I am pleased to be associated with them.

If I ever get pregnant again, I have decided that I will pay hommage to my maiden name with one of these maternity tees from Mitetees:

I just hope (and pray!) that I never, ever have to wear one of these:


chelle said...

Those are great! funny thing tho... I just told Dan the other day that I am in the mood for twins (a double feature) Call me crazy...!

MiniMe Mom said...

Oooh, Chelle! Better you than me!