Thursday, September 30, 2010

The pillow

Remember the DIY pillow? The one with the gray ruffles?

Well, I have not had a chance to get to it yet. Or really that much else, either!

My son picked up a parasite, which set me behind quite a bit. He was sick for a full month, almost every night.

Thankfully, we have moved beyond that.


I want to quick point out Katie's Great Giveaways. She has partnered with MiniMe BabyGear to giveaway a Made by Angie wipes case. Please hurry, if interested! That giveaway ends tomorrow, October 1st.

Also, I have a stack of new products to add that I am really excited about...mostly shoes! I have lofty goals of adding them all this weekend.

Thanks for your understanding during this month of illness!

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