Friday, November 5, 2010

All you can eat for five minutes.

This week, I am all about stealing ideas.

First, I stole the Thanksgiving Tree from Nilsen Life.

As if that weren't enough, I have gone and done it again.

For the last week, the words "One more piece, Mom?" have been whined

Even the little guy has started. "I have Candy, Mom?" he says, with his pacifier hanging half out of his mouth.

I took a hint from The Meanest Mom around, Jana Matthews. If you have yet to latch onto her blog, you are missing one great read. She is hilarious.

She set the timer, and let her kids eat all the candy they wanted for five minutes.

Except I changed one teeny little thing.

Our playroom was trashed. Toys scattered in the living room. Trucks and Cars lined my kitchen floors.

"If you pick up the entire house, I will let you eat as much candy as you can consume in five whole minutes. We will call it Crazy for Candy."

The kids were so darn excited that they picked up every last toy, and created a competition to see who could pick them up faster.

How much candy did they consume, you ask?

One piece of bubblegum and one pack of sweethearts for Bryce. Kayden picked out three pieces of gum, and was giddy for a half hour.

This Halloween candy laying around might not be so bad after all......

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