Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Off to vacation (and some work)

Tomorrow, we leave for vacation. After a lot of frantic running around to drop off final stock to stores and return e-mails, getting the house sitter(s) all lined up, my orders cleared, and packing, I am finally ready for a little relaxation. I plan on hitting the beach, buying some fabric while I am in Los Angeles, and meeting some of the people I deal with every day here at MiniMe BabyGear- InStyle Moms, Crafty Babies, Kissui to name a few.

Before I forget---You might have noticed a change at MiniMe BabyGear. A new website design by Kayzoe. I have been thinking about what I wanted for a long time, and Cher truly made my vision come to life and I cannot imagine a more perfect site!! Along with the change, there is bound to be a few kinks, so I apologize in advance for any trouble there might be due to the newness of this new program/shopping cart.

Also, just because I am closed, does not mean you cannot shop! I will be taking care of orders immediately once I return, and all orders placed while I am away will go out around August 13.

I am off! Wish me luck on the plane with my almost three year old:-)


Cara said...

Your new website looks great!!!! I really like it.

MiniMe Mom said...

Thanks so much, Cara! Your new one is awesome too:-)

I am amazed that you found the time to do it yourself....