Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great Ideas for Pre-school children

Back to school my hubby went, and my son and I were left alone after a fun summer spent together.

After sitting home two days in a row with my son, I decided there is only so much cartoon watching I can take. Nothing against the Doodlebops, but even I was getting stir crazy. So, I started researching a few things we can do together to pass the time.
  • Bright Beginnings- Thanks to my fellow blogger, Triplet Mom, for this great tip. The public school puts on programs for birth through pre-school age kids. Our area had twenty different public schools that participate, and each of them hold play dates. We could do something everyday if we wanted to! The play dates include an activity for mom and child to do together, a story time, and a light snack. All I had to do was contact the nearest public school and they signed me up. Best of all, it is FREE!

  • The local Children's Museum- our children's museum has two floors devoted to learning and fun. Bubbles, an inside bee hive, legos, a working traffic light, and ride on bugs are among our favorites. Check into a yearly membership, ours is $35 a year, with separate play days set aside for members.

  • The library- I am not new to the library. I started my business through library books. However, I had no idea they have so many programs for younger children! Story hour, play times, a train, and loads of children's book with nooks to read in makes this one of my new favorite finds.

  • MOPS-Stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, and my group meets twice a month for an hour and a half. This one my son goes into childcare, but he loves it and even has a little girlfriend at the group. It gives me time to socialize with other moms and eat breakfast in peace! I love doing crafts as well, so MOPS= relaxation for me. Yearly fees are around $40.

Other fun things on tap (we will include my husband for these)-- hay rides to the pumpkin patch next month at the local family farm and visiting an apple orchard to pick Michigan apples.

So, what are your favorites? Any other ideas?

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