Sunday, November 11, 2007

Made in the USA

The recent recalls of things Made in China have a lot of people begging for items made right here in the good old USA. So, why do people go to China? Why can’t products be made here instead?

Obviously, the biggest reason people go overseas is the price. United States manufacturers, in most cases, cannot compete. Currently, all of my products are made right here in the United States, but I admit that I have looked overseas. I cannot compete price-wise on a national level without going out of this country. For me, I have found that to produce my items in the states as opposed to in China costs me four to five times more.

Price aside, I prefer manufacturing here, which is why I have stayed in the USA. But we have to know that if we start the cry for products made in the USA, we are going to need to be willing to fork over the dough. Are you ready to pay $50 for a Barbie Doll? $40 for a set of blocks? I think many American companies are willing to come back if only consumers will start paying the price for goods made here. Otherwise, there will be no incentive for coming back. Did you know approximately 88% of children's toys are currently made in China? I don't even think American Girl dolls are made in the USA.

What are your thoughts- are you willing to pay four to five times more for something if it is made in the USA?


Tammy said...

What about other countries like India, Peru or others? I haven't heard any negative press other than China. Are they having problems also?
It's interesting to hear that it would be 4-5x higher if made in the USA. Thanks for the education!

medea said...

I don't see why things are so much different when they are made 200km away from China in Guam anyway. Just because it has a Made in USA label doesn't mean it's safe- it's the same US companies who are in charge of quality control and testing their own products, and that's where the problem lies.

Elena said...

Well written article.