Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bitzy Burpers and Ja*Lu organic burps, Mitetees and Baby K'Tan

One of the things I am constantly trying to find to offer on my site are eco-friendly products. Both of these burp cloths that I have added recently fit into that category, and are so adorable and well crafted. I go through many burp cloths in a day- my older son spit up a lot, and so does my four month old. It is great to have a cute one handy for all of life's little messes.

The Bitzy Burper is made from baby bamboo and accented with a splash of our designer fabrics – seriously the softest, yummiest, and most sophisticated burper!

Ja*Lu organic burp cloths are also a great find. 100% certified organic cottons, beautiful prints, and absorbant French terry cloth make these a new favorite.

I also love these Mitetess, new to MiniMe BabyGear. With adorable designs like "A Turner and Turner production", "Copyright 2008", or "Madions' little sister". Anything personalized to this extent is a plus in my book!

Also new is the Baby K'tan baby carrier. I must admit that in the past I was not a big sling lover. The idea always intrigued me, but each one I have tried over the years was uncomfortable and difficult to use. My baby never looked comfortable; they were either falling out the top, or way too deep in the pocket. My back and neck ached ( I have large babies anyway, so to carry them was heavy). That was not even the biggest problem. Many of them are so difficult to use and get comfortable in. I always felt the sling was either too high or too low, none ever fit me right.

I found Baby K'tan, and I can honestly say I love this sling. I have the basic black, thinking my husband could also wear it. Wishful thinking. Anyway, it is so simple to use due to the double loop feature. It is comfortable and holds the baby secure. The material is like a soft t-shirt, and my son loves to ride in the facing front position. As he gets older, I will try out the eight others, but for now, this saves my back and arms from carrying a 17 pound baby! I cannot say enough things about the ease of use and durability of this item.

Please see here for other new products, and happy shopping!

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