Tuesday, October 7, 2008

6 months out, what I am using

Wow, that went fast, huh?

Six months, gone by in a blink. I got Bryce-y boys six-month photos done today by a friend of mine and I cannot believe how big he is getting.
Here is what we are using these days:
Pacifiers- tons and tons of pacifiers. We lose them quite frequently, which is why I am thrilled to be offering pacifier clips. Not just functional, you can put a name on these, and they are a steal at $10 personalized. We have some big sports fans around here, so I would not be surprised if some morning I wake up to a Go USC paci clip.
Swaddling blanket- my son does not really love to be swaddled anymore, but I still adore the weight and stretch of the Ja*lu organic swaddle blanket.
The Perfect Feeder- now that we have started with solids, I love this perfect feeder. Great for carrying around the cereal on one side and the vegetable/fruit on the other.
Baby Legs- for a long time I was not a fan of these for boys. Seeing them on the chubby leggers of my six month old, changed my mind completely. I have the Jack stripe, and it looks so adorable with the tie applique onesie.
Of course, the Wet Happened? wet bag- I have quite the drooler. I have wet outfits all day, and it seems like we have more accidents now than we did with my first son. We honestly use our Wet Happened? bag all the time.
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