Sunday, October 26, 2008


My friend Resa tagged me. She is the fabulous designer of so many of my favorite products. The big brother tees, changing pads, onesie sets. Her eye for fabric and clean lines inspire me.

Let's see. Seven things about myself that no one knows. Since I have another blog, this is hard! Over two years of blogging has left little unsaid, but here goes:

1. I really, really love to sew. The creating, picking out of fabrics, designing new items...all of that was why I got into this in the first place. I just wish I had more time to do it!
2. My eyesight is horrible. As in, negative 8.5. Without some sort of corrective lens, I can barely see my house.
3. I get myself in a lot of predicaments I shouldn't because I cannot say no! I am a big pushover.
4. My husband and I have non-traditional gender roles. I fix things when they break, pay all the bills, hang pictures, and he does the laundry. We share most other household chores, but in many ways, we are backwards when it comes to gender roles.
5. I went to GVSU with a degree in political science. What was that for? :-)
6. I seriously hate anything artificially orange. I love oranges, but anything artificial....pass!
7. I love to be in the hospital after I have babies. AFTER, I remind you. The quietness of the room once the visitors have left, the newness of baby, looking over tiny fingers and toes that I waited nine long months to see, finally being able to lay down flat on my just seems like time stands still while there. I love it.

And now for the tag. Do 7 people even read this blog? LOL


cara said...

I read it.

MiniMe Mom said...

LOL, Cara. Then I tag you! :-)

chelle said...

i read it too, only a month late most of the time :)