Monday, May 18, 2009

Comfy Crawlers

One of the very first companies I ever came into contact with was Gissy Bella. Three years ago, we met online, and became fast friends.

We each had two retail stores selling our goods. We would carefully research orders and share tips on how to grow larger. Each press mention was a victory, each dollar spent was monitored.

I have watched as Gissy Bella grow, and it has been fun to be a part of--a huge mention in the Costco connection, Amazon partnership, and most recently
When I had Bryce, Marina sent me these Comfy Crawlers.

They are so practical and cute. I love that my son can crawl all over the pavement with nare a scratch to his soft knees. We are outside a lot these days, and nothing works better than these crawling pants. They come in all different styles- bodysuits, pants, one piece outfits, prints, and denim.
It has been fun being on this journey with you, and thanks for the adorable outfit for Bryce!

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Marina said...

So totally awesome!!!!!
Cute bum! :)