Thursday, January 14, 2010

Made by Angie Special Discount Code

If you are a mom, maybe you have been there.

At the grocery store with a child who, well, doesn't want to be at the grocery store. I did what any self respecting mother would do.

I bribed. "Stop crying, and I will get you a candy bar" I said.

Sidebar: What's funny to me is I was one of those people who said they would never give their child candy of any kind. My kid will not eat junk. No McDonalds, no candy bars, no soda...nothing! Phsssssh. Parenting was so much easier when it was hypothetical.

Delighted with his new found sweet treat, my son proceeded to get everything in a half mile radius sticky and smudged with chocolate.

I pulled out my Made by Angie wipes case, and felt stylish and hip.

I just love these things. I have this one, among others:-)

If you have been looking at them for a while and just waiting for the perfect opportunity to get one for yourself, Angie has offered a special discount code for my readers. Simply use JAMIE during checkout for 20% off.

Cleaning up is inevitable, we might as well look good doing it!


I'm Angie. said...

cute story!

Kami/The Elegant Elle said...

Darling story!

Teresa said...

I love this comment: Parenting was so much easier when it was hypothetical. It is so true. It also seems that people are experts on raising children until they have their first one!

MiniMe Mom said...

Thanks for your comment Teresa! I have known far too many people that "eat crow" once they become parents!