Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The wrong way

We changed groomers for our dog, Carmelo, about a year ago.

For many years we went to a school of pet grooming place, but all the sudden one day I called to make an appointment, and they were out of business.

We went through the yellow pages to find a new groomer, located someone nearby, and have been taking Carmelo there ever since.

This Christmas, when opening Christmas cars, I was surprised to see one addressed to "Carmelo the dog". He normally does not get mail, you know, so it was kind of suspenseful to see who it was from.

I lifted the flap and the front of the card had two beautiful golden lab puppies in stocking hats. One of those "AWWWWWWW" kind of cards. Inside, the card read "From your loyal pet groomer, R. We love grooming Carmelo!"

I admit I was impressed. Touched by the personalization and nice gesture made by someone we see for a split second when we drop Melo off.

As I was going to throw the envelope out and add the card to the basket, a little green slip of paper fell onto the floor.

"Merry Christmas", the slip read. "We are raising prices January 1st. $10 additional each dog".

Insert warm fuzzies from puppies turning cold.

She just got it all wrong. It was an inappropriate time and place to add that little bit of information, in my opinion. It rubbed me the wrong way, and the delightful card ended up backfiring.

Makes me think about my business. Have I done this? Started with the best intentions and then rubbed people the wrong way? I certainly hope not:-) If I do, be sure to tell me, okay?

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Kami/The Elegant Elle said...

That is too bad she did that! Not a good marketing move at all!