Saturday, June 7, 2008

8 weeks out--Items I am using

I had a baby eight weeks ago, can you believe it? I am wishing I had taken eight weeks maternity leave LOL. It seems like just yesterday we were leaving the hospital with that sweet bundle in my arms. I cried the whole way home, full of post pardum emotions and with the sinking feeling that this newborn phase passes way too quickly. I loved the pace of life in the hospital, too- nurses waiting on me, cuddling my newborn all day, visitors coming to chat and see him...

One thing about having a new baby is that I forgot how long it takes to get ready and pack everything up, and just how much you have to take with you. It takes me about an hour and a half to get all of us ready. Never mind if we need to eat or have a blow out. So, I thought, now that I have a minute and am a little less emotional, I would post the products I have been using since he was born (since we also have all those other products packed but not in use). IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:-)

1-Hooter Hider. I use this all the time. Basically, it is a nursing cover with boning in the neck so that you can see your baby while he is feeding. Cute prints, and so functional. Feeding come frequently and unexpectedly, so this is definitely worth the money.

2-My Wet Happened? wet bag. Shameless plug, I know. When I created the bag, my first son was already one so he did not have the diaper blow outs or spit up accidents. It is so nice to be able to throw them in the bag and then launder them together. I rotate two different wet bags, and I really have used them quite a bit. Plastic baggies were always in the bottom of my previous bag, so this has helped me keep it looking clutter free anyway.

3- Bravado Nursing bra. Soft, supportive, and dare I say pretty? This bra is one of many I tried- eight to be exact. It is the only one that gives the support I need while still being flexible and soft. Even the elastic bottom is comfy.

4- The Diaper Clutch- so great to have around. I can grab it out of my diaper bag when I am shopping at the mall without lugging the whole big bag into the bathroom. So cute and fashionable, I love that the wipes are easily accessible in the front without having to dig through the diaper bag.

5-JJ Cole Diaper Caddy- we change Bryce upstairs, downstairs, in the living room, in the front room. Anyplace and everyplace, so it is nice to grab the caddy and take it full of diapers, desitin, and wipes. My only complaint is the same as with toilet paper---refill it when empty, please!

6-Made by Angie wipes case--I use this all the time and I have one that stays in my diaper caddy and one that comes with me. I feel special taking this item out- I have to admit even this unfashionable mamma feels a little haute couture when changing with this case at my side. It just feels expensive.

7-The nursing bracelet. I used this a lot when he was first born. Worn as a bracelet, it has a pendant that can be moved as each feeding occurs to keep track of time and then it is also changed from left to right as feeding occurs on each side.

8-My thin flannel blanket. I received a beautiful, white flannel blanket with my first son. It was one piece of flannel and they crocheted a decorative blue edge. It is the perfect swaddling blanket and awesome for bedtime.

9- The white pacifier with the yellow accent from Nuk. It is the one and only pipe he will take. We panic if we lose it.

10-Lanisoh nursing pads. I have tried every other brand of these, and the pink ones are the best. I have never had a leaking problem. I have Lilypadz, but have not dared to use them yet. I am afraid I will leak all over since I have a lot of milk. Swimming suit season is upon us, though, so I am sure I will give them a try soon.

11-Cara's Creation Diaper Bag--she gifted me the brown and teal bag, and I hardly want to use it due to it's beauty. Sturdy, functional, and gorgeous.

12- Changing Pad by Resa Design- rolled up and tucked away in the front of my diaper bag, this is a must for any new mom. Love that it is large, but rolls to a very decent size. Since we always have blow outs in the craziest place, it is nice to have a clean and washable surface to lay him on.

I am sure there are others, but this is all I can think of right now! Add your favorites, if you wish!


Emily said...

Hello MiniMe Mom! This is Emily from Bebe au Lait. Thank you for mentioning our Hooter Hiders on your blog! We really appreciate the support you have given us!

resa said...

Thanks for the props on our Changing Pad. We ship more pads to MiniMe customers than any of our other partners!
You're awesome. Congrats on week 8. Remember it will get easier, really it will.

Cara said...

Thanks for the plug!!!! Please use the bag. I can always make you a new bag if this one gets too dirty. LOL

Cara's Creations

LeeSun said...

ah, i love great baby gear! well KO is 11 weeks now and here are my faves (some are UK specific):

1) cloth nappies, wraps, fleece liners, longies, soakers! too many gorgeous and reliable nappies to list here)

2) Wet Happened? bags (blue zoo, and caribbean) - so funky!

3) gr8x traveller deluxe changing bag -- an awesome way to have a nappy change organised -- tried other changing bags includinf the gr8x backpack duo, but no CONTEST!

4) Coory and Carry sling by Freedom Slings -- so often it's the only way to get baby settled when he's tired and crying!

5) Bravado bras (sports style nursing bras) and Emma Jane nursing bras (style 428) - the bravado ones are great for every day, but the EJ bras are more supportive for when that's needed

6) sophie the giraffe teething toy - the only teething toy that seems to offer baby relief (besides a bottle with cold breastmilk in it)

7) crocs (floral mary janes)

8) avent iq uno electric breastpump - so comfy and easy to use!

9) MAM orthodentic newborn soother - haven't tried any others as these work fine when needed!

10) hugabub - yes another baby carrier, but so useful sometimes!