Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest things

One of my son's favorite things to do is go with me to the local grocery store. The minute we pass through the automated doors, he is already pulling my hand towards the toy aisles. We pass right by the Barbies and the Play-Doh, and head straight for the Disney Die cast car section. He scrutinizes each car with fervor- making sure they are not ones he already has.

The supermarket was really busy, so the cars section had a few other people also browsing. We shifted past carts and strollers, making our way to the back. Being four and all, Kayden has no patience for this. He wants to look immediately, and with each step was pulling harder and harder to get me through the aisle.

Well, one of the gentleman was rather, well, large. I am not passing judgement, but the entire car section was blocked. Anticipating Kayden making some remark, I threatened that if he said something, anything at all, we would leave the car aisle and get on with the grocery gettin'.

The man eventually passed and Kayden scoured the Cars for a few minutes before moving on to the food section.

At the very end of getting groceries, I happened to see someone from our church. I stopped to talk for a few minutes. Out of nowhere, I heard a little voice pop-up "Hey, Mom- there is that fat man that was looking at cars." Accompanied by pointing towards the man standing at the checkout.

They always say the worst things at the MOST inopportune times, don't they? It is like they have a sensor or something.


So, what about you? I am sure your kids have embarrassed you once or twice, no? Tell me I am not alone here!

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