Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life Saver: Tiny Tales

My first son, Kayden, has a baby book full of details and charts and dates and thoughts.

Bryce....not so much. I just can't seem to ever get to it!

That is why I love Tiny Tales, a unique little box that holds notepads to jot down memories. I can easily pull one out and write down the cherished moment without running up to the closet and pulling out the entire baby book. The chic "Today I did Something..." papers slide into divided sections, according to how old the baby is, for easy filing.

I really love the system. Retails for $30.


Brigitte said...

Oh, I need that! Thanks for the tip are you selling it or do I go to the website?

MiniMe Mom said...

I actually sell them through miniMe BabyGear, or else Lara sells them at Tiny-Tales, too!

I love mine!