Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is Ellie.

She is adorable.

I am not sure I have ever wanted to pinch cheeks more than when I see these sweet, chubby ones. Oh, the ooey, gooey-ness of sweet baby chub. Love it.

Back to the point. Sorry.

Ellie's family has been on my heart many times over the last few months. First, Ellie went through surgery to receive cochlear implants. Then the day after surgery, her dad went into the hospital for an unexpected two-week stay.

Want to know the most amazing thing about this family?

Every time I see Joe or Julie, they are smiling. Looking at the positive side of life. I think I would be eating lots of chocolate ice cream, hiding under my covers, and feeling sorry for myself. And yet, they aren't. They never complain. In fact, they did not even ask me to do this fundraiser.

Because my mom has been through a few ear surgeries, I know that anything surrounding health and hospitals is just plain expensive. And with those bright blue eyes looking up at me, how could you not help this little one?

I would love your help to raise money for Ellie. 50% of the proceeds will be donated from now until June 5. Shopping isn't your thing? That's okay-please pray for Joe and a kidney match. You are welcome to read more about the story here.

Thank you to all who have shopped thus far!

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