Monday, May 31, 2010

Party all the Time, Party all the ti--ii--iime.

I don't yet own one of these galvanized tubs, but just one look at them makes me want to party all the time.....

party all the time.

party all the tiiiime.

I can just see one filled with ice and topped with cold cokes in the summertime.

Or better yet, I could find some really useful purpose. Like to store neatly folded bath towels or stack magazines.

I could even see it in a playroom, full of toys. I mean, not my playroom because that would mean my kids would actually have to pick their toys up and goodness knows that ain't happening anytime soon. But you get the point.

They come in three different sizes and ship for $4.

1 comment:

cara said...

Have you seen any of these in person? I just wonder what size would work to put all our wii controls and games in.