Monday, May 10, 2010

One Man's Junk

The base
While I was out with my mom the other day, we stumbled across an elderly couple's garage sale. We debated stopping, because for the most part I like to look for kid's clothing and they obviously did not have any.

I am not sure if you can read the price tag, but it says "Hutch, $2"

I wasn't specifically looking for a dresser/hutch, but that deal was too good to pass up.

"Is the price of the hutch $2?" I asked.

"Yup", said the seller.

"Does it include the base, too?"

"Includes that as well", he said.


He went on to tell me it was a hand-me-down from his mother and had been in the family for years and years. Bought originally for their kitchen, they then had repainted it for the living room before he acquired it. They were clearing a few things out, and included it in the sale.

I guess they don't put a high price on sentiment.

I was thrilled to walk away with my new hutch/dresser for $2.

More great finds:

50 cents for two glass bowls

$35 for the tramp. Delivery not included.
The neighbor at the end of the street was selling this beauty. Hardest part was walking it down the street and into our backyard.

I got a few other great deals- a brown short jacket, a few shirts, some kid's clothes. Josh got a new high priced hanging system- a SoloFlex:-) I spent less than $60 and came home with a slew of new goodies to be proud of.

Reminds me of the old saying: One Man's Junk is another man's treasure.

Do you garage sale? Find anything good?


cara said...

Love the "new" hutch...I'm kinda jealous. :)

Kate said...

wow! that is a great find! so jealous, how was that not snatched up within minutes? i love to garage sale but never have luck like that, mostly just boy clothes and books!

MiniMe Mom said...

I have no idea why it was still there. There were a bunch of old shoes on it, so I am guessing no one looked at the tag:-) My mom actually pointed it out to me.

I really love to garage sale- so much fun!

chelle said...

Joshy B got a soloflex!

I seem to remember a convo we had about Josh wanting one of these. :)

natalie said...

what great finds jamie, i love the hutch! I am a garage sale junkie myself :)