Thursday, July 15, 2010


Boxes, of all shapes and sizes, have lined my office space for the last few years. Stacked four high, all of them brown. My organization system worked well when my inventory was limited; as it has grown, it has become more of a challenge.

When an order for Babylegs or Made By Angie Wipes case comes through-- not a problem because those boxes are on top.

A perfect feeder? Not so simple. I have to remember which box those are in, and then unstack all of the boxes until I find the correct one. Inevitably, the box I need is always at the bottom in the way back corner.

Last weekend, I took a girls trip to IKEA. Four girls in a diesel truck with trailer.
My friend spotted this goodie, and I couldn't resist buying one myself:

Don't mind my kids LEGO table:-)

I can't say it has solved all of my storage problems, but it is a start!

I love being able to see all the goodies, too. Much more fun than in brown boxes.

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