Friday, August 27, 2010

The Poke Box

Last year around this time, I noticed my son had really puffy eyes. My husband and I attributed it to allergies, and started him on medication. The bags under his eyes continued to get worse, and a few other weird symptoms presented. Long story short, the day after Halloween we found out that he was severely anemic.

Because it is a blood disorder, his blood had to be drawn....a lot.

I remember back to the first day of trying to figure out how bad it was. By the third blood draw, I was bawling. Not pretty bawling either. Beat red face, nose running--sobbing.

One of the things that really helped get both of us through that first week was the "Poke Box". Every time you need blood drawn at the the Devos Children's Hospital Hematology/Oncology unit, you get to pick something from the poke box.

All sorts of treasures line the drawers- dolls, matchbox cars, pencil and pen sets, tractors, stuffed animals. Not just your average gumball prize; the poke box is full of goodies that really helped get us through a lot of blood draws.

Ever since then, I have been meaning to donate some things to the poke box. From now until September 10, for every new facebook member I will donate one new matchbox car to the poke box.

Update: I am already at 15, thanks for suggesting me to your friends! I appreciate it!

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