Monday, August 16, 2010

Re-usable Coloring Mat

Cars, Trucks, Trains, and Planes.

Whatever the flavor, my boys love them all.

This morning was turning into a rather loooonnngggg morning with lots of fighting, so I racked my brain on what we could do for a change of pace.

I had a bunch of PUL from the Wet Happened? wet bags leftover, so I unrolled enough to cover the kitchen table. Washable markers were put in front of the boys, with instructions to color while I drew some roads for them.

They were so excited to dictate where each road should be. I wouldn't say the Michigan Department of Transportation is going to hire me anytime soon (no Michigan U-Turns), but the boys appreciated having loops in front of where they were sitting and "rocky" roads.

A police department, an airport complete with runway, and some parking lots for their cars were added next to the Coloring Mat. They would run back and forth to the playroom to grab more and more planes and trains to play with on their special roads.

We did this for almost two hours! Even better, because they are washable markers, I can simply throw it in the wash for the next time we want to create.

Good drawing skills optional :-)

Side note: I think vinyl would work just as well, if you have that.

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