Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The particulars: dubbed "her first pair of heels". The heel is soft and squishy, and they are sized for babies around age 0-6 months. Retail is around $35.
Poll: Is this something you would likely purchase? As a gift or for yourself?
Thanks for your opinions!


Kelley said...

Not a chance! My little one is 9 months old and I have yet to put a pair of shoes on her, it's hard enough just to keep clothes on her (between spit up and blow outs) Without worrying about shoes. Plus I doubt they'd stay on, She's a master at kicking off even the tightest socks

MiniMe Mom said...

LOL- thanks for your opinion. I hear you with the shoes. My one year old has not worn them yet either:-) I was just thinking it was because he is a boy, though LOL

Anonymous said...

Let kids be kids. No rush into high heals. I don't get this product! And I'm not an uptight mom. Pass.