Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shopping Cart Covers

Something I use all the time is my Shopping Cart Cover from Itzy Ritzy.
True Story: About two weeks ago, I was entering the supermarket and something caught my eye. Sitting in a shopping cart was an adorable little girl. She looked to be about 15-18 months old. Curly blond hair, with the brightest blue eyes. Simply adorable.
However, coming from her nose was a mixture of green and bloody snot. As it came out of her nose, she would wipe it all over the cart handle.
As I was packing my son into a different shopping cart, I watched in horror as the cart switcharoo took place. The mom graciously offered her cart to another mom, who promptly put her child in the cart.
And put his mouth all over the same cart handle that had just been smeared with snot.
Then and there I decided I would never go without my Itzy Ritzy shopping cover again.
There are other ones on the market, but I promise you that you will fall in love with the plushness of the fabric, the beautiful designer prints, and the overall great quality of this item. It fits perfectly into the seat, and best of all- it is reversible!
Considering just how many times you will use this, it is worth it to get the very best.


Anonymous said...

You Rock! Thanks for the great review! Itzy Ritzy

Amitabh said...

nice post, really i will appreciate you. please keep it on continue

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