Saturday, February 17, 2007


"Discontent is a wide spread". Last week, my friend Dana wrote this wonderful post about wanting more. She lives in New York City, which invented the concept.

MiniMe BabyGear turned one this past week. Naturally, it has been a time of reflection. My goal with MiniMe BabyGear was to have a small business on the side that would bring in a little extra income and allow me to do what I love- sewing. Now that it is that, it is inevitable that new goals need to emerge. I have thought a lot about the concept of "wanting more" since StartUpPrincess featured this article a few months ago. I love Marielen's quote at the bottom "we should all just enjoy the early stages of where our businesses are at because in a lot of ways that was the best and her most favorite time".

With all the "bigger is better" attitudes I come into contact with, I do not want to be looking so far ahead that I miss how much fun this is right now.

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