Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pink Olive Boutique

I wore one outfit religiously the summer I was six- a short set that had bright red cherries embroidered on the shorts and one big juicy cherry in the middle of the shirt. Even now, every time I see a cherry, it transports me to that summer and I can immediately see myself swinging high on a swing set, wind flowing through my hair, wearing bright red cherries. Isn’t it funny how those little snippets bring you back to a happy place?

Deliciously cute is how I would describe this tooth fairy pillow from the Pink Olive Boutique. How can I not love it when it has a cherry smack center? Vibrant lime piping, and a gingham cherry pouch just perfect for that first lost tooth. What I love about this tooth fairy pillow is that it is age appropriate. Still girly, yet not as baby-like as many other tooth fairy pillows I have seen. Your little girl will love placing her first tooth in the pouch waiting for the tooth fairy to come. It might even ignite a love of cherries.

The Pink Olive Boutique has many non-baby items as well. Under the section “Gifts: Candles and Soaps” are beautiful, creative soaps any woman would feel pampered to receive. It is hard not to find the perfect gift and easy to see why Grace has had so much success with her online boutique. Skip on over the Pink Olive Boutique and check out all the deliciously cute items offered for all ages.

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