Thursday, February 15, 2007

St Patty's Day

I love having decorations out for the holidays. I always remember my mom hauling boxes out as a child, full of new items to celebrate each season. The worst part about putting them up? Taking them down the day after. These few months move so quickly between Valentine's, St. Patty's, and Easter, but I feel it is worth it to have the house so festive.

St. Patrick's Day is my husband's favorite holiday, so we go all out. We have so many decorations and fun traditions we do only on St. Patty's day. Thought I would share my favorite green snack:

Start with green sugar cookies. If you are more like Martha, you can make the dough from scratch. I cheat and use sugar cookie mix from the store. Take some green food coloring and color them green. Cut into shamrock shape and bake according to directions.

Next, you will need ice cream. I like mint chocolate chip, but you could color vanilla ice cream green as well. Spread ice cream on the flat side of one cookie. Place the other cookie on top for a delicious ice cream sandwich. They are fun and easy, and your kids will love them!

Time to go pack up Valentine's and pull out the big green box! Even if you do not like to decorate your house, take a moment and start something fun with your kids to celebrate each little season. Traditions are the things kids will rmember long after the holiday is over.

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