Thursday, April 12, 2007

Congrats to Marina Westerdahl, GissyBella

Marina has been mentioned a few times here at MiniMe BabyGear. She is the owner of GissyBella, maker of the Comfy Crawlers. A couple of months ago, both she and I came across the call for entries for The Costco Connection at A magazine produced by COSTCO, they were looking for outstanding women that used COSTCO to start their business. Marina entered a very well written essay about using COSTCO to start GissyBella- everything from creating a website to finding suppliers. Word has it that her husband loves COSTCO so much he took her there on their first date!

It was just announced that she beat out around 1000 other applicants to be named COSTCO's entrepreneur to watch. Keep your eye out for the article, and congratulations to Marina and the whole staff at Gissy Bella!

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