Monday, April 23, 2007


I was tagged today by my friend Kelly over at Start Up Princess. If you own a business and have not checked out Start Up Princess, you are missing out. Her blog is full of great tips on PR help, marketing, website design, time management --to name a few. What I love most is that she finds all the great information so I do not have to!
Anyway, she tagged me to list a few reasons why I blog. Since I love the suspense of countdown, here it goes:

3. It is an easy way for me to keep all of my customers updated regarding what is going on at MiniMe BabyGear. When I add or change items, it is nice to have a place to bring them to your attention. More than that, it is fun to hear feedback and get ideas from readers.

2. I love to share information. Whether it is starting a home-based business, a favorite great book I am reading, or another great website I found, I love sharing.

and the number one reason--I love getting to know people through blogging. I maintain a personal and business blog, and have met so many unique and talented people through blogging.

Blogging connects people, and I am so fortunate to come across so many intelligent and caring people online.

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