Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Introducing: Ellie Bellie Capes

Its a Bird, It's a Plane! No, it is your child dressed up in one of these pint sized super hero capes.
I came across these capes a few months ago when I did a product trade with the maker. My son fell in love immediately with his super hero cape, and I absolutely love two things about them:

  • It is a cute option for boys. So many times, dress up is only focused on girl items. Very few companies offer whimsical and fun items for boys, so I love it when I find something for all you fellow moms of boys out there.

  • The personalization- not only is the cape adorable, but it comes with your child's first letter across the back. No more beat up towels scrunched around tiny necks, they have their very own super hero cape for flying over tall buildings in a single leap.

Please allow two weeks for delivery. Sold now at MiniMe BabyGear in your choice of Black Dots/Aqua (shown) or orange on orange. Spoil your little one today with this fantastically fun cape for $30.

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