Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hundreds of Thousands. That is how many manufacturers will be affected by the new CPSIA lead testing law. I realize I am beating a dead horse here, but the fact is that MOST of the vendors here at MiniMe BabyGear will be out of business.

I have a eight month old. I do not want him to put lead in his mouth, but almost everything he puts in his mouth (magazines, cables attaching the DVD player, holiday tins) is exempt from testing. The things that are mandated to be tested--ie. ANYTHING that is manufactured for babies, most of which never contained led in the first place, will have to be. COST per item: around $4,000. Some of them retail for $8.50. So, they will have to sell 1000 to just break even for the testing, nevermind other supplies. Talk about the price of children's products going up. It will have to.

Now, I do not know about you, but it makes a lot more sense to me to have ONE test for lead, and if the product contains lead naturally be required for further testing. But, our government does not work like that. They put ridiculous laws in place that require people that handmake felt food used by 7 year olds (can you just imagine a small pea from a felt food set with a giant label on it? CUTE.) to spend $4000 for ONE test for that ONE item. No wonder our economy is in the tank. With these people running it and making the law for the land, we are all in trouble.

Here is how you can help: let's get this changed. Lead testing is important. I am not even opposed to having the materials tested. However, the way this law is read, that every batch and every size will have to be tested is too far reaching. SO many people will be affected- the manufacturers themselves, the stores that sell them, the high schools that use craft shows to raise money, the people that supply fabrics for the items, the companies that supply office supplies to mail the items, the employees that help these moms and small is never ending.

Isn't it a SAD day when making a handmade doll carries a HARSHER punishment than supplying CRACK COCAINE to a child?


Please see post below for how you can help.

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