Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well, our government has done it again. Let me explain.

When I was in seventh grade, I had this young (read: recently graduated) always-frazzled-from-head-to-toe woman who taught Science. Ill prepared for the job; I think she meant well, but she had very little control over our class.

Each day was spent trying to recapture frogs that had been free'd, sopping up chemicals from experiments that when awry, and yelling at us. Being that we were in seventh grade-- the more frazzled she got, the funnier we all thought it was.

One afternoon, I remember having to go out to the football field to set off a rocket. I cannot even recall what the science lesson was, but I do remember two boys rough housing and one of them breaking his arm.

What followed in the coming weeks always consisted of the same: start class with yelling, load on the homework, yell a little more, make sure NONE of us were enjoying learning at all, yelling, and dismissal. No lie, one of my classmates got arrested because he hated her so much he pulled out a knife on her. It was a mess. Obviously, I am remembering this through seventh grade goggles, but still.

Punish ALL for the sins of a few.

I have a point, I promise.

Enter: CPSIA

Our government, with all it's efficiency, has decided that EVERY children's product manufacturer needs to have testing done for lead. Diaper bags, hats, car seats, changing pad covers, furniture, shoes....the law is so far reaching that basically anything manufactured for children under 12 is subject.

Now, I completely understand the importance of testing for things that, oh, actually go into the child's mouth or that naturally are known to contain lead. However, trying to test each and every item, especially when it is like a wet bag. Seriously? Are you going to let your child suck on anything that normally contains dirty diapers? Sigh.

Oh, but wait. That is not all, friends. Just to make sure none of us even think of keeping our jobs, the government has decided that in addition to expensive independent testing, each size and SKU needs to be tested. So, if I have 22 styles, and 2 of each guessed it. All 44 products need testing. And the fabric that cleared for lead in the wet bags would not clear for the breastfeeding buddys, so that would have to be tested again. 12 additional tests to pay for. We are already up to over 60 tests. Let's say something does not got it, more testing. I am sure all the people actually needing their products tested for lead are large enough that they will find some way to bypass this, leaving a huge burden on those of us with small businesses/families to support.

The punishment for non-compliance? Huge fines, even jail time.

As with most things, our government makes no sense whatsoever. In a fledgling economy, let's take away HUGE amounts of jobs created by children's manufacturing.

If you get a minute and would not mind signing this petition, please go here:

It only takes a moment, and would be so helpful to let congress know they need to sharpen the focus of this law.

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