Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Problems and Solutions

They say the best entrepreneurs are people that found a way to solve an existing problem and found a solution to it.

I guess under that theory, I wanted to make the diaper bag clean of wet messes.

I digress.

Anyway, it got me thinking. What are the things that I think need better solutions?

Annoyance #1

I go to the grocery store every week. Nare a week goes by that I do not get overcharged.

Sure, it might be a dollar here, or a dollar there...over the year, it has to be hundreds of dollars.
There has to be a way to set up some sort of business were I can enter the receipt number and get my money directly back to me without waiting in line. Not that I minded "the line" before kids, but now with the seventeen people in front of me, two kids (that have already spent two hours at the grocery store and are now full of pink sticky frosting), and one lone customer service agent trying to fill out a Western Union Money Request...it gets a little long.

My point is that most of the time I decide it is not worth the extra few dollars and make my way home. Or rather, shall I say, load two screaming kids into the car while trying to hang onto my shopping cart in negative ten degree weather?

I would love a way to do this from my trust computer, at home, when the boys are in bed.

Just a thought!

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