Friday, January 26, 2007

Birthday Ideas

My son loves puppies, so for his 2nd birthday we wanted to do a dog themed birthday party. I found a great site for birthday This site has a ton of ideas regarding themed parties, all organized and ranked. Not just your normal character themes, many I would not even think of! Playdoh, Olympics, Mystery Parties, so many more. If you are planning a party for your kids anytime soon, check this site out. It was very helpful.

I also found this site that sends bounce balls through the mail. Bounce Greetings balls are sent fully inflated without any external packaging. They sell for $10, which might get a bit expensive if you have a lot of guests. What a great concept though!

Apparantly, you can send all sorts of things through the mail without external packaging- flipflops, pool noodles, anything that won't break in transit.

If you are really creative, you could do this yourself. Buy an inflated ball at Walmart or Target, grab a marker, handwrite an invitation, some great birthday stamps, and you've got yourself a great greeting card. Come to think about it, these would be great for any other time you just want to cheer someone up.

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