Thursday, January 18, 2007

Introducing: The Diaper Clutch

Just yesterday I was in the grocery store and got a whiff. You know the one. Conclusion: dirty diaper. Looked in my diaper bag. Visions of changing my son the previous night with the travel wipees flashed before me. Quickly raced through the store so I could change it before rash-time set in. I had to return today to finish getting all the items I missed. This would not have happened if I had the diaper clutch.
I love it when I find an item that is practical and stylish. Many diapees and wipees have graced my online shopping, and none are as well thought out as this one. A pocket in the front opens for easy wipes access. Inside the clutch holds 2-4 diapers, free from scrunching in the bottom of the bag. Best of all, this handmade clutch can be grabbed for ease on the go. Many adorable styles to choose from, very affordable at $15.99. Check out these cute clutches, available now.

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