Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sacrificial Mother

n. The mother who does, gives, and IS everything for her family-never taking any time for herself.

This afternoon, I came across a couple of really great articles about the idea of sacrificial mothering. It struck me that I fall into this category. You know the mom that can never say no to any committee, volunteer project, outing, or task for ever loving hubby? Yep, that's me. Add in all of kiddos needs and you've got yourself the sacrificial mother. We don't ask for help, we don't say a word, we just are secretly (or not so secretly) exhausted.

I do not pretend to know the why's of sacrificial mothering. Perhaps it is that no one can take care of my son like I can. I want his best in everything. Surely other's can never see that I cannot "do it all". Somewhere along the line, with all of the judging us mom's do back and forth (admit it, you do it!), we think we need to be perfect at everything.

So, I have a challenge for all my fellow sacrificial moms out there. Take one night this week, and reserve an hour or two to relax. In the past when I have commited to this, I am refreshed and ready to tackle mommyhood again. Take a step back, relax, and let's begin to bring a little balance into our lives.


marina said...

I'm a full time mom with two youngs kids, but I have yet to go a full two weeks without taking some time off. I need it. It's for my own survival. I find that after a few hours alone I just feel better, refreshed. Ready to conquer my world. I am lucky that I have family around to help me since my husband travels alot. At first I felt guilty asking them to take the kids for the afternoon, or to come over while I went shopping. But now I try to just enjoy it. It helps me to re-focus and to re-fuel.

MiniMe Mom said...
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MiniMe BabyGear said...

Thanks for the comment, Marina.

I agree, just an afternoon off gives a bit of fresh perspective. I am sure, in turn, your family loves taking your kids. Mine certainly does!

I only have one little one, it is a wonder you get anything done with two!