Monday, July 13, 2009


My two sons were playing together this weekend in the playroom. My oldest, Kayden, hit Bryce in the chest. I told him to go to timeout, which is the steps leading to upstairs. He hung his head and sat down without complaining.

Once the time was up, I gestured him to come back to play with us.

He started walking towards me and said, "That's fine, mom, but next time I go to time out, I am going to be really lippy."

Later in the evening, he saw a TV infomercial for the InStyler. "Mom, Mom! You need this. Come here quick! It curls your hair and then makes it straight!" he says.

I love working from home and being there for these moments.
Thank you for your business and allowing me to do this.

Insert awkward shift of topics

Also, here is a video of the Wet Happened? bags on the morning BT television show.

Baby Travel Gear from Baby Gear on Vimeo.

Finally, I put up a few Wet Happened? bag seconds, if you are interested. Generally, they are marked down because the top selvage is showing or there is a dirt spot on them. You can view them here.

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