Monday, July 13, 2009

New Product?

Kayden is an avid Cars lover. Specifically of the Lightening McQueen variety. He pretty much loves any type of die cast car- hot wheels, trucks, etc.

One of the things I have been wanting to make for a while was a portable car mat because he loves the large car rug in his playroom. This is what I came up with:

  • it measures about 36" by 45 "
  • folds up and then has handles for easy transportation
  • the striped pocket shuts with Velcro so that a few cars can be stashed inside
Since I made this, I am surprised already all the places it has been- a wedding reception, the doctor's office, July 4th while we were waiting for fireworks.

As I am thinking about putting this into production, the questions I have are:

1) Is this something you would purchase?
2) How much do you think I should offer it for?
3) How important is the personalization?

Thanks, as always , for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it so much!


Lara said...

LOVE it! Trey likes to take his cars when we go places, but we put them in my purse. I just pulled one out today that has been in there for a while. I think maybe $30 might be a reasonable price, but then again I don't know what fabric goes for and how hard it is to sew. I think it is super cute. Personalization is great, but not necessary. I'm finding these days I'm less likely to have something personalized b/c with 2 boys I want to reuse everything I can.

Jamie said...

very cute! my boys would love something like this. i think somewhere between $25 to $30 would be a good price.

MiniMe Mom said...

Thanks for your comments- I was thinking around 25, too

Thank you!

A little about me! said...

Great idea..I would pay $20-$25..