Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Toot Toot Tuesday: Personalized Fabric Frames

One of my friends recently suffered a late term miscarriage, and I looked all around for something great to give her as a remembrance.
I thought of a Julian and Co. necklace, but she already had one. I ended up getting her a "In Memory Of" photo frame from Hallmark, but when I came across these personalized photo frames, I knew I needed to carry them.

I am inspired by all the work that goes into these frames. The process of embroidering the material/ribbon, securing batting to the frame, miter edges of both the fabric and the trim---the attention to detail and love put into these is what makes them really special.

They can be personalized with any wording you choose- the name, date, size, grandma and grandpa's name, Brothers...the possibilities really are endless. The fabric, style of ribbon bow and also ribbon, and the personalization options are all customized.

There are three different sizes, ranging from $46-56, and they would make a great gift or a cherished keepsake for yourself.