Friday, July 24, 2009

Useless Fact Friday Contest

My husband has a serious love for t-shirts.
All of them possess one of the following:
  • a Nike logo
  • a pro Sports Team
  • a college sports team
  • a high school sports team
  • American eagle graphic

You would think there would be a limited amount of t-shirts that meet this criteria, but there are many stacked and sorted on the shelves of his closet.

So here's your mission: Guess how many t-shirts {total} my husband owns.

Winner to receive one pair of babylegs (you choose girl or boy).


Hannah said...

I guess 65.

Anonymous said...

97 - It's for the sister. That and I am bored :)


Brigitte said...

I am going to say 142. I am sure he has been collecting for years. Have fun counting. :)