Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I felt like pulling a Brittany.

Spending four hours in the car with two children under 5 is not always that fun.

Okay, really, it is no fun at all. Whatever would possess us to think it would be fun to road trip for treasures with two small children is beyond me.
About two hours into the ride, my 1 year old spilled soda all over his lap. Not one to like being covered head to toe in sticky wetness, he started screaming and gesturing that he wanted out of the car seat. His hand accidentally touched my other son's arm, and the slapping match of all slapping matches ensued.

Kayden would hit Bryce; Bryce would start screaming. He would just start to calm down, and I would see his little arm reach over to hit Kayden back. More screaming. Back and forth this went until both of them were wailing. Mouths wide open, alligator tears pouring down their face, looking to me to comfort them.

At that very moment my husband took a slight wrong turn...ending up in another thirty minutes in the car.

I felt like pulling a Brittany and letting them sit in my lap.
We did score a pretty sweet pool slide for $50 though.

Now that they are both tucked in bed sleeping was worth it.

How about you? Kids travel well?


Brigitte said...

No my kids are terrible. We have tried it all, DVD's music games prizes you name it. Now we know better than to take road trips with them. Sleep is the only answer. Glad the slide worked out.

cara said...

If the dvds are in, when we usually don't have any problems, I always have to buy a new movie for the long trips.

My boys will be excited by the slide the next time we get invited over :)